Are Online Surveys Worth It?

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A lot of people wonder if paid online surveys are worth it. They wonder if the promises made by the survey companies are too good to be true and if you can actually make any money with it.

The answer is, online surveys are worth it if all you’re looking to make is a little pocket cash each month and you have very few options for making money.

Surveys are a great option for people who are stuck at home, don’t have a lot of employment opportunity where they live or don’t have much work experience. This is why online surveys are perfect online jobs for teens, college students and stay at home parents.

Surveys are also a great source of supplemental income if you already have a job and are just looking to make some extra money in your spare time.

If you are not in this type of situation and have other money making opportunities available to you, online surveys are probably not the best use of your time.

When deciding to do online surveys, it’s important to be realistic about your financial goals. There’s no way you’re going to earn a full-time wage by doing online surveys but surveys do pay enough to earn a little extra spending money each month.

In addition, remember that online surveys require very little time or effort and can be done while multi-tasking such as while you are watching t.v. or listening to music at night, babysitting, doing laundry, waiting for an appointment or class to start and etc.

Surveys don’t have to eat up your valuable time when you have more important things to be doing. As this Buffalo News article about surveys suggests, you can instead schedule it during lulls in the day when you are otherwise doing nothing.

There also a number of things you can do to maximize your effort to make online surveys more worth your time. One thing you can do is to avoid surveys that pay too little. A lot of sites offer surveys that pay 10 cents or less for each survey.

The only way that would be worth your time is if the survey took less than a minute to complete and it’s almost guaranteed that it won’t. Aim for surveys that pay at least around 50 cents to $1 or more.

That being said, also stick to shorter surveys if you can. A survey that pays between 50 cents to a dollar is great but not if it’s going to take you a half hour to complete. Most survey companies give an estimate of how long it will take to complete each survey.

Take the 10-15 minute surveys instead of the 20-30 minute ones. American Consumer Opinion and Mindfield Online are two online survey companies that state their average surveys only take between 10-15 minutes.

Keep in mind though, don’t rush through a survey just to get it done quickly. Survey companies track how long it takes you to complete the survey and if you finish it very quickly, they will assume that you didn’t even read the questions and just clicked random answers. If they suspect this, they won’t credit you for the survey and you will have wasted your time.

You should also fill out all of your profile information so you’ll get more surveys you actually qualify for. Your profile information is how survey companies know your age, place of residence and other relevant information.

This is what helps them decide which surveys to send you. If they don’t know anything about you, they’ll just continue to send you random surveys that you most likely won’t qualify for.

If you don’t fill out this info you’ll most likely waste a lot of time starting surveys that you never seem to qualify for. Any survey taker will tell you that taking surveys that you don’t end up qualify for is one of the biggest time sucks when it comes to online surveys because you often aren’t disqualified until you are at least a handful of questions in. By then, you’ve already wasted a bunch of time. The more you can avoid this, the better.

Sign up with multiple survey sites. A single survey site only has so many surveys available for you each week or month, which can greatly limit your earnings. If you sign up for multiple sites though, you’ll have that many more available and can earn even more.

Save time by using auto fill software. Autofill software remembers information you have previously typed and automatically fills it in for you. This will save you from having to enter in your personal information each time you do a survey. If you don’t have money for autofill software, there are many free autofill software programs available available such as Roboform and Lastpass.

Look for popular surveys on a specific site. Many survey sites will have a specific section, page or sidebar that highlights current surveys that are very popular on the site. These surveys are popular for a reason and that reason is that they are usually easy to qualify for and are quick and simple. Take advantage of these easy opportunities whenever you can.

With the advice in this article, you should be able to save time and maximize your earnings which will help make online surveys a little more profitable for you. For more information, check out our article on paid survey tips.

Remember to stay safe while doing online surveys by only joining reputable survey sites, such as Better Business Bureau accredited survey sites, and researching any new sites you are interested in joining.

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