How Much Do Online Writing Jobs Pay?

For aspiring writers who want to know how much online writing jobs pay, there is no simple answer to this question.

Pay rates vary greatly depending your level of expertise and who you write for.

Writers have more writing opportunities than ever thanks to the internet. Yet, some of these opportunities pay better than others.

Your options as a writer include writing for content mills, freelance writing sites, private clients and, for the more experienced, newspapers and magazines.

According to an article titled How Much Do Freelancers Actually Make?, on, most freelance writers make between 17-25 cents per word.

According to the Editorial Freelancers Association, the national industry standard for journalism writing is between 25 cents and 50 cents per word and for non-specified writing (meaning neither medical, technical, fiction or journalism writing) it is between 20 cents and $2 per word.

How Much Do Content Mills Pay?

Content mills tend to pay the least out of all the writing opportunities available. Content mills are sites like Textbroker and iWriter that pay writers a small fee to ghost write a brief, simple article that is then sold to one of the content mill’s private clients.

These sites are usually for beginning writers who are just looking to make a little extra cash each month and aren’t aiming to build their writing portfolio.

The pay for these sites tend to vary by company but usually they pay anywhere between .005 – 7 cents per word. Sites like Textbroker pay between .7 cents to 5 cents per word while sites like Writer Access pay between 1.4 cents to 7 cents per word.

Sites like iWriter state that their pay rate per article is set by the client but most writers on their site earn an average of $1.62 for a 300 word article, $2.43 for a 500 word article and $4.05 for a 700 word article. The site also says that its elite writers earn as much as $15 per article.

How Much Do Freelance Sites Pay?

Trying to assess how much freelance writing sites pay is a little trickier because most of these sites either don’t advertise how much they pay or the rate is set by the private client or by the writer.

You can sometimes get an idea of how much these types of sites pay by browsing the listings of posted writing gigs or trying to find out what writers who have worked for these sites say they pay.

Generally though, pay rates on freelance sites are better than content mills and tend to pay in the $20 per hour or the 15 cents to 50 cents per word range.

For the popular freelance site Upwork, one consulting firm, Barefoot Consultants, recommended that freelancers on Upwork set their hourly rate at $20 to $25 per hour.

How Much Do Private Clients Pay?

Pay rates by private clients are another thing that’s hard to assess because these rates are private. According to the website though, they advise private clients to pay freelance writers based on how much experience the writer has.

The site breaks all of the options down and advises clients to pay beginner writers about .05 cents to .08 cents per word for blog posts and website articles, intermediate writers between .08 cents to .15 cents per word, professional writers between .15 cents to .50 cents per word and expert writers between .75 cents to $2 per word.

These pay rates go up for more advanced writing such as marketing emails, which range from $50-$80 per email for beginner writers to $400 per email for expert writers. For ebook writing the pay rates range from $20-$50 per hour for intermediate writers to $100-$200 per hour for expert writers.

How Much Do Journalism Jobs Pay?

This is yet another pay rate that is hard to assess because the pay rate is not advertised or well known.

Yet, in the article This Is How Much a Freelancer Makes, on, one freelance journalist posted what he earned from his various journalism gigs.

He stated that for newspapers such as the Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal he earned between 50 cents to $1 per word, for magazines such as Boston Magazine and Playboy he earned about $1 per word and for sites like, BDC Wire and Bullet Media he earned about $50 per blog post.

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