Virtual Assistant Jobs for Teens & College Students

Virtual assistants are self-employed personal assistants who do administrative work for their clients from home.

The duties of a virtual assistant, also known as a VA, typically involve taking care of tasks like email management, scheduling appointments, typing transcriptions, making travel arrangements, recruitment, managing social media accounts, creating reports, preparing slideshows and running errands.

The rates vary, but most virtual assistants typically make between $9 to $30 per hour.

To be a virtual assistant, it’s important to have a strong work ethic and great communication skills. Since you will only be communicating with the client via phone, email or skype, it is of the utmost importance that you ask questions about anything you may be unclear about and ask for feedback on your performance regularly.

The better your performance, the more jobs you will be hired for. Having good references is important if you want to find more work and earn a better rate.How to find virtual assistant jobs

There are a number of ways to find work as a virtual assistant. One way is to set up your own website where you offer your services. You can then promote your site on social media or sites like Craigslist.

Another way is to find work on online job sites or sign up for a virtual assistant staffing agency.

The following is a list of online job sites and virtual assistant staffing agencies:
Guru is a freelancing website where job seekers can browse job listings posted by clients. To find virtual assistant jobs on the site, click on “Find a Job” at the top of the page and then type in “virtual assistant” into the “search jobs” bar.
Minimum Age to Join: 18 years old
Zirtual is a virtual assistant agency. They are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. Zirtual typically hires virtual assistants in specific states, but the virtual assistants work online. The company has a jobs page listing all of the available virtual assistant jobs in each state. To apply to the site, submit an application and complete the practice tasks for evaluation. If Zirtual accepts your application, you will be scheduled for a virtual interview. If your application is not accepted, you may reapply in 30 days.
Minimum age to join: n/a.
Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant agency. Fancy Hands assistants are paid per task, much like a micro job. Typical tasks include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, data entry work, booking hotels and etc. The pay per task ranges between $2.50 to $7. To work for Fancy Hands, simply submit an application on the site. Payments are made every other Tuesday via Dwolla.
Minimum Age to Join: n/a
Virtual Assistant Jobs is an online staffing and recruiting firm. The site offers free training and a listing of virtual assistant jobs. To sign up on the site, simply register and submit a resume. You also need to fill out your profile and set up your own virtual assistant website. Tools you are required to have are: webcam, a hands-free telephone set, a computer or laptop with high-speed internet access, a phone with voicemail and a paperless fax, email account.
Minimum Age to Join: 13 years old but if you are under 18 years old, you must use the site under the supervision of a parent, legal guardian or a responsible adult. is a freelancing website where users can browse a list of virtual assistant jobs posted by clients. To find these jobs, click on “Work” at the top of the jobs page and click on “Browse Projects.” Then type in “virtual assistant” into the search bar.
Minimum Age to Join: 18 years old, but minors over 15 years of age can use an adult’s account with permission from the account holder.

Craigslist is a free online classifieds website. To find virtual assistants jobs on the site, click on “Jobs” on your state or country’s page and type in “virtual assistant” in the search bar at the top.
Minimum Age to Join: There is no minimum age to use Craigslist.

Social media sites like Twitter are another place to find virtual assistant jobs. When seeking a virtual assistant, many clients will tweet a brief request and a job description. To find these types of tweets, do a search for hashtags such as #virtualassistant or #virtualassistantjobs.
Minimum Age to Join: 13 years old

Fyi, the jobs posted on Craiglist and Twitter are private offers by people not officially associated with those sites. Be careful who you give your personal information to. It is also best to ask for full or at least partial payments upfront to avoid being scammed.

And yet another place to search for virtual assistant jobs are on jobs websites such as, or etc. Since they are more traditional job sites, they won’t have as many virtual assistant jobs as the other sites mentioned in this article, but if you check them often you will find occasional virtual assistant job listings.

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