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InboxDollars is a GPT site (Get Paid To) established in 2000. You can earn money on the site by taking surveys, completing offers, reading emails and etc.

I tried out InboxDollars so I could give it an honest review and help others decide if they should sign up for it.

What most people want to know is: Can You Make Money with InboxDollars? Yes! You can make money with InboxDollars.

So is InboxDollars legit? Yes, InboxDollars is a legit company and they will pay you to complete surveys and do offers on the site.

When I first began trying InboxDollars in July of 2015, I didn’t like it at all because I couldn’t really figure out how to make much money with the site. It took me over a month just to make $16 and that was even with the $5 bonus they gave me just for signing up. Since the minimum payout is $30, this left me feeling a little frustrated. I was prepared to write a really negative review about InboxDollars and how hard it was to earn money on the site. Then, I stumbled upon a few tips and tricks and the money started to roll in a lot faster. I hit the minimum payout shortly after that and have continued to use the site every day since then.

I actually really like InboxDollars now and, although the minimum payout is a little high, I think the site is definitely worth it. For starters, InboxDollars gives you $5 just for signing up on the site, which is awesome. I can’t think of another GPT site that gives you that much of a sign up bonus.

Secondly, there isn’t any of the points-to-cash conversion stuff that you have to deal with on other sites like Points2Shop. You earn cash money for everything you do on the site. The site is very straightforward and simple that way.

Thirdly, you get paid just to read emails (the emails are basically just ads so you really get paid just to look at an ad.) It doesn’t pay a whole lot, two cents per email, but it literally takes less than a second to look at the ad and click “confirm this email.” You get about 2 to 3 emails a day so after a while it can add up. It’s so ridiculously easy and simple that I wish all the GPT sites had this option.

Inboxdollars ReviewSome other really great things about the site are the paid search and the videos. For the paid search you earn about one cent each for your first five searches and then one cent for every two searches, with a maximum of 15 cents a day. You don’t even need to click on the search results, you just need to do the search. It takes me less than a minute each day to earn this 15 cents each day.

Although a lot of sites have paid videos, they aren’t as simple and easy to do as the ones on InboxDollars. One type of video on InboxDollars, called Acknowledge Videos, lets you watch up to 20 videos a day and they take less than 60 seconds to play. They pay one cent per video and credits almost instantly, so that’s 20 cents a day for barely any work.

The thing that I like most about InboxDollars though is Billy’s Spin & Win game. Once I discovered this option, my earnings quickly started to rise. The way the game works is that every time you are disqualified for a survey (which for me is all the time) you earn a spin on the game. With each spin you can earn either a sweepstake ticket, a five cent or $1 cash bonus, a 25 cent survey token or nothing.

The survey tokens are what helped me really boost my earnings on the site. When I earned survey tokens, I then took some surveys and for each survey I successfully completed I earned an additional 25 cents on top of the payment for the survey. So instead of earning just 50 to 75 cents for each survey, I was earning 75 cents to $1.

If you look at my earnings report, you’ll see I made the most money with the cash surveys (although the earnings from the cash offers wasn’t far behind.) This is mostly due to the survey tokens. They made the surveys worth doing.

I also made some decent change with the cash offers. I actually earned more per cash offer than I did with the surveys. I would like to say that the cash offers are the more lucrative part of the site but the problem is that I made this amount with the free cash offers, which there aren’t that many of. Most of the cash offers on the site are paid so I basically found all the free ones I could at the time and did them all. So to make money on the site, you can’t rely only on just the free cash offers, you’ll have to do the surveys as well.

My only complaint about InboxDollars is that the minimum payout is high, which people find really discouraging, and sometimes the site has server issues and runs a little slow.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the idea of reaching that $30 minimum payout, one trick that helps me is don’t focus on this big overall goal and instead focus on small daily goals. Try to complete at least one offer or one survey a day or set a goal of 50-75 cents a day. It will slowly start to add up and instead of being frustrated you’ll feel encouraged as you get closer and closer to your payout goal.

When you cash out, although InboxDollars deducts $3 as a processing fee, after you complete your payment request they automatically put that $3 back into your account balance so it can be applied to your next cash out. I guess it’s their way of giving you an incentive to continue using the site.

Here I’ll go over the different ways to make money on the site:

This section has cash offers. This is where about half of my earnings came from. Most of the offers in this section are paid offers or offers that require some sort of membership or sign up. I didn’t bother with these types of offers and only completed the 100% free offers. There are fewer of these but they are there. I did about 14 cash offers and earned $8.65 for them, which averages out to 61 cents per offer. Some pay more, some pay less but that is generally what you’ll get. The paid offers pay way more, usually about $2-$20 but, again, you often have to buy something or sign up for a free trial and then cancel before you are charged.

Like cash offers on most GPT sites, these offers tend to go on and on, even after you’ve completed the initial task required to get credit. To make sure I get credit, I tend to click through all the extra steps until I’ve completed the entire offer. I’m not sure if you absolutely have to do this to get credit, but I always do it just to be sure.

InboxDollars doesn’t have a submit button like other sites do so I can’t tell if it has been officially submitted after I complete it, which is kind of annoying. Often I find that a little box will pop up about five minutes after I’ve completed the offer telling me my account has been credited (you will also get an email whenever an offer or survey has been credited to your account.)

To find the free cash offers, clicks on the “Offers” button at the top of the page and then select “100% free offers” from the drop down menu. Look for the free sample offers first. These are very easy and all you need to do is give an address and email address to get credit.

If you’re interested in signing up with other survey sites, they also have offers that will pay you to sign up with other survey companies. Many times you have to complete an initial survey with the survey company you sign up with to receive credit.

The surveys section is where I made the most money on InboxDollars. Although the pay rates for the surveys aren’t great, if you have survey tokens you can bump up your pay rate by 25 cents for each survey.

There are typically about 10-11 available surveys each day (but there are always about 5 more available within the peanutslab which is found on the surveys page.) The surveys tend to pay between 25-75 cents each and take about 15 minutes or less.

The thing that I love about InboxDollars is that each time you are disqualified for a survey you earn a chance to play Billy’s Spin and Win game where you can earn 5 cent and $1 cash bonuses, 25 cent survey tokens and sweepstake tickets.

Paid Emails:
Paid emails are super easy. It’s my favorite part of the site. You are basically being paid to look at an ad. Unfortunately your are only being paid 2 cents per email, but still it’s super easy and takes two seconds. You get about three emails a day.

You can also earn money by playing games but you have to pay money to play the games in the first place. You can earn points for paying to play the games too. If you spend $10 you get 500 points, if you spend $20 you get 1000 points and if you spend $30 you get 20000 points. I wasn’t interested in spending money to play these games so I didn’t try this section.

Easy Cash:
Easy Cash is a tab exclusively for free cash offers. Most of the offers require you to sign up for something, download something, or be approved for the offer. This is kind of annoying. Instead, I just looked for the free sample offers. They don’t require anything but your name and email address and you don’t have to be approved for them.

My Inboxdollar earnings

My Inboxdollar earnings

The site search is where you can earn cash just for entering a search term. You earn one cent for each of your first five searches. Then you earn one cent for every two qualified searches thereafter. You can earn a maximum of 15 cents per day. You also earn a five cent bonus any week where you search four or more days. This section is extremely easy to do and you can earn the 15 cents in less than 5 minutes. Once I discovered this section I started doing it everyday.

The video section is where you can earn a few cents to watch a video or flip through or a photo slideshow. Most of the videos and slideshows are way too long and require too much work to justify doing them. What I focused on instead is the Acknowledge videos. They are simple, 60 second videos that pay one cent per video. You can watch up to 20 of the Acknowledge videos a day, so that’s 20 cents a day.

The Deals section is where you can earn money for shopping online and redeeming coupons and groupons. You earn 10 cents for every coupon you redeem, various amounts for each groupon you purchase and between 2-5 percent cash back on online purchases. There are a ton of coupons, groupons and cash back offers to choose from so if you were already planning to make one of these purchases, you can earn a little money in the process by doing it through the InboxDollars deal page. I haven’t done this yet but the next time I make a purchase online I’m definitely going to try it out.

Refer a Friend:
The Refer a Friend section is where you can learn how to earn money by referring friends and family to the site. You earn 10 percent of what your referrals make doing cash offers. You can refer people right on the page by entering their email address or simply hit a button and send your referral link out on your social media accounts. This section also provides referrals banners and referral links to post on your blog or website.

Cash Tasks:
The Cash Tasks section is where you can earn money by joining Crowdflower on Facebook and completing micro jobs. The tasks seem to pay about a few cents each for doing things such as providing feedback on a website or answering a website survey.

The Radio section is where you can earn money by listening to songs. About every 10 minutes or so a pop up box will ask you to submit a code so you can be credited for listening. You can once cent for each code you enter. That seems like too much work for too little pay so I just skipped this section.

Final Thoughts on InboxDollars:
I’m surprised that InboxDollars doesn’t get more attention because it’s a really good site. It’s probably not as popular because the minimum payout is high and it sometimes takes a while to figure out how to make money on the site.

Like I said, if you just focus on accomplishing small goals each day you’ll find it a lot easier to reach the minimum payout. I reached it, even though in the beginning I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get there. I’m living proof that it can be done. InboxDollars is a really good site if you want to earn cash money online for doing simple things like reading emails, doing internet searches, watching videos and completing surveys and cash offers.

Also, if you like InboxDollars they also have a sister site called where you can earn cash money for the same exact activities, such as paid emails and paid search. The only downside is they don’t have a Billy’s Spin and Win game but it’s worth it just for the paid search, emails and videos alone.

Minimum age to join InboxDollars: 18 years old
Minimum payout: $30
Payment types: Check (a $3 processing fee is deducted from your account with each payment request)

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      Sometimes the acknowledge videos are a bit glitchy and they won’t credit or launch the window with the timer. I usually just give up on them for the day when they do that and try again the next day.

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      Click on the Surveys tab at the top of the page on the Inboxdollars site and it will take you to your Survey Notification Dashboard. If you have any Spins saved up you’ll see a gray bar at the top of that page that says You Have X amount of Spin & Wins. Click on it and it will take you to the game.

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