Is Tutoring a Good Job?

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When weighing your options for online jobs, you may be wondering if tutoring is a good job?

The answer is yes, online tutoring jobs are a great opportunity for teens and college students. There are a number of reasons why.

The first reason is that being a tutor helps you share the knowledge you have gained while in school. It’s a great way to put your education to good use.

Most people have to wait years after they graduate to start using what they have learned but as a tutor, you don’t have to wait at all. You can start using what you learned today.

Related to that, another reason tutoring is a good job for students is that because you are still in school yourself, the subjects that you tutor are still fresh in your mind.

Unlike older tutors who have been out of school for a while and may have forgotten some things, you have been immersed in these subjects and have been studying them every day for the past few years. You are at the top of your game with these subjects, which gives you an advantage over other tutors who aren’t students.

The second reason is that it is rewarding. Being a tutor allows you to help educate, shape and mold a young mind.

The knowledge you share actually makes a difference in the life of another young person like yourself. It not only helps them be successful in school but also helps them to learn and grow as a person.

What other part-time entry level job can do that? You definitely won’t have that kind of effect on people while working in a fast-food restaurant.

Another reason is it allows you to have a flexible schedule. Trying to fit a work schedule in around your classes is a pain in the butt.

With a tutoring job, you can schedule your tutoring sessions whenever it is convenient for you and your student. There aren’t a whole lot of other jobs that let you set your own schedule.

Another reason is because tutors are in high demand. Tutoring is a billion dollar industry because every year more and more parents are seeking tutors for their children.

According to this article in Forbes, the global private tutoring industry is expected to surpass $102 billion dollars by 2018 as the demand for tutors grows. Not surprisingly, the U.S. makes up a sizable chunk in that market.

Being a tutor will teach you patience. Teaching and tutoring is a challenging job because your success is based on how well someone else listens and learns from you. Every student learns at a different pace so patience is a skill you will have to learn and practice every day as a tutor.

Tutoring pays well. Tutoring is a very lucrative job that pays well per hour, depending on your location and whether you work for yourself or a tutoring company. In fact, this recent article in the Atlantic Monthly compared tutoring to waiting tables because just like waiting tables, tutoring provides flexible schedules but also pays well per hour.

The more money you make per hour, the fewer hours you have to work which is great for students with a busy schedule.

Tutoring doesn’t require any training or experience. Generally, private tutors who work for themselves don’t need any special training or experience to be a tutor. A proficiency in your subject and the ability to share your knowledge with others are the only requirements to be a tutor.

You don’t even need a college degree to work as a tutor for a number online tutoring companies. It’s true that some tutoring companies do require their tutors to have training, a degree and experience but that is merely a marketing tool they use to lure students to their company. If you are a tutor with that level of experience and training, you could make more money working for yourself anyway.

Tutoring looks good on your resume. Tutoring is a great resume builder because it demonstrates many skills employers look for in a potential hire such as intelligence, patience, leadership, organization, ability to work well with others and great communication skills.

Since it is a freelance job you can also use it to fill in gaps on your resume by working as a tutor in between jobs.

If you are considering becoming an online tutor but aren’t sure if it is right for you, hopefully the information in this article will help you decide one way or another.

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