Online Jobs for College Students

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College is expensive. On top of tuition, you also have to pay for a lot of little things like books, dorm room supplies, snacks and school supplies. These things add up really quickly.

When I went off to college, I remember being surprised by all of these hidden expenses and I had to get a job in order to pay for them. Finding and holding down a job while trying to keep up with my school work was a real struggle for me.

Fortunately, you can make things a lot easier on yourself by getting an online job. Online jobs can be done from the privacy of your own dorm room or apartment. Many of them pay the same or even more than the minimum wage jobs or work study jobs available on your campus.

To find the best online job for you, choose something you think you would enjoy or something you would be good at. You have a better chance of sticking with a job that you enjoy or excel at. It’s okay to try out a few types of jobs before you find the right one for you. You’ll eventually find something that works for you.

Another plus side to online jobs is that since these jobs are online, you don’t have to quit your job at the end of the school year or look for a summer job when you go back home. You can keep on working and earning money for the next school year. Or, you can take a break from your online job for the summer and then start it up again in the fall. Flexible schedules are just one of the many perks of an online job.

To help you get started, here’s a list of online jobs for college students:

Online Jobs for College StudentsOnline Paid Surveys for Students
Completing online paid surveys is probably the easiest way to make extra money online. It doesn’t pay a whole lot, but it also doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. Surveys are so easy you can do them in your spare time while watching television or listening to music.

Most survey sites pay via check, paypal or gift cards and the minimum payouts tend to be low, usually between $10-$20. A lot of survey sites also have referral programs where you can earn some decent money by referring people to the site. To get started doing surveys, check out these sites: and

Virtual Assistant Jobs for Students
Virtual assistants are paid to do administrative work from home. The work usually involves tasks like answering emails, making phone calls, typing up reports, booking appointments or booking travel plans. These types of jobs typically pay between $10-$30 per hour. To find work as a virtual assistant, check out these sites:, or

Online Tutoring Jobs for Students
If you are really good in one particular subject you can always make some extra money by tutoring other students. Tutoring is a great way to share your knowledge and make a little money on the side. It does require a little bit of work but if it’s a subject you excel in, it should be pretty easy.

Tutoring typically pays $10-$20 for a session, depending on your level of expertise and where you find your clients. Find tutoring jobs by placing ads around campus or signing up on tutoring websites. To find work as a tutor, check out these sites:, or

Micro Jobs for Students
Micro jobs are small easy tasks, usually referred to as gigs, that typically pay between a few cents to a few dollars per gig. Although these gigs don’t pay a whole lot, they require very little time or effort so you can do a number of them in a short amount of time.

Micro jobs involve tasks such as following someone on social media, rating videos, commenting on a blog, performing simple data entry tasks and etc. To find micro jobs, check out these sites:, or

Usertesting Jobs for Students
User testers are paid to test new websites, software and apps. This is done to identify problems such as glitches in the software or confusing layouts on websites. User testing jobs are a lot like micro jobs, testers are paid per test for their work. Testers are paid about $10-$12 per test, which usually take between 15-30 minutes to conduct. To find usertesting jobs, check out these sites:,, or

Video Game Testing Jobs for Students
Most video game testing jobs are done on site at the company headquarters but one company, VMC, actually hires testers to stress test new video games at home.

The tests are conducted at scheduled times with multiple testers all around the world. The testers all log on to play the video game at the same time in an attempt to test the game’s stability and identify any glitches or bugs.

If you are chosen to become a tester, you won’t get a ton of assignments each month but you’ll get enough to earn some extra cash. Testers are paid per hour and most sessions last at least a few hours. The pay rate is unknown. Sign up to be a video game tester for VMC here:

Call Center Representative Jobs for Students
Call Center Representatives answer phone calls and assist customers from home. Technically, these aren’t online jobs but they are work-at-home jobs. These types of jobs are typically done in a call center but more and more companies are hiring employees to do them from home.

This job is not a sales position. Representatives answer phone calls from customers calling to make a complaint, order a product or service or to simply ask a question. These jobs typically pay between $7-$15 per hour and are sometimes seasonal or temp jobs, depending on the company.

Requirements for a work-at-home call center representative is a working phone, a headset, a quiet work space and the ability to follow a script. The following are a few companies hiring work-at-home call center representatives:

Accolade Support Call Center Services
Affiliated Computer Services, Inc
Alpine Access
American Express

Selling Products on Amazon
If you enjoy shopping, you can make some extra money while doing it by buying and selling products on Amazon’s FBA program (Fulfillment by Amazon.) Simply buy items on sale or on clearance in a local store and then resell them on Amazon for a profit. This is known as retail arbitrage and it can be highly profitable.

If you don’t have a lot of money to buy items, start small by buying $20 or so worth of products, sell them and then reinvest the profits by buying even more products. Then slowly work your way up from there. You can make anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month with the program. Sign up for Amazon’s FBA program here:

Online Writing Jobs for Students
If you like to write, article writing is great way to make money online. It’s a lot faster at generating money than blogging and is always in great demand. If you sign up on enough writing sites and/or market yourself right, you’ll never have a shortage of articles to write. Most article writing sites pay between a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on where you sign up or where you find your clients. To find work as an article writer, check out these sites:, or

Writing Ebooks
Ebook writing is another great option for college students who are interested in online writing jobs. The only downside is that it takes a little bit of start up money and some time to write the book. First you need to pick a profitable niche, such as health or wealth, or then “niche down” to a very specific problem within that niche. Then write a 20,000-25,000 word ebook offering a solution to that problem.

After you have written the book, hire an editor or proofreader to edit the book and a graphic designer to make a book cover for you. These are very important steps and should cost you anywhere between $100-$200 total. Then you can publish the book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. You can sign up for Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Program here:

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