Online Tutoring Jobs for 13 Year Olds

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Tutoring is a great online job for 13 year olds who get great grades and enjoying sharing their knowledge with others.

Tutoring is also one of the highest paying jobs online today because tutors are in great demand both offline and online. In fact, the demand for tutors has grown so much that private tutoring is now a billion dollar industry and continues to grow each year.

Tutoring also pays well because, unlike other online jobs such as surveys, not just anyone can be a tutor. The job requires a lot of skill and patience and not everyone is cut out for it.

To be a tutor you have to be proficient in the subject you want to tutor and have the grades and academic achievements that will convince others you are qualified to tutor.

Most tutoring companies require you to be 18 or older and to have a college degree to be tutor, but there are a few online tutoring companies that hire young teens as long as they are proficient in the subject they want to tutor.

Also, if you don’t want to work for an online tutoring company you can work for yourself instead. While most older tutors who work for themselves spend most of their time trying to find clients but since you are a teen who is in school and you already know a lot of other students, you can find potential clients much more easily.Online Tutoring Jobs for 13-Year-olds

The following is a list of online tutoring companies that hire 13 year olds:


Tutorcare hires high school and college students for peer-to-peer tutoring. Tutors on the site can earn money in four ways: by providing online tutoring sessions, by providing in-person tutoring sessions, by answering homework help questions or by uploading video tutorials.

The site deducts a $12 flat fee from each tutoring session payment but allows tutors to set their own rate. The site also allows tutors to set their own schedule and provides tutors with free training. Payments are made via Paypal or direct deposit. The minimum age to join is 13 years old.

Study Room

Study Room hires student tutors for peer-to-peer tutoring. The site is designed specifically for high school and college students. It is an online community where students can connect with classmates, share notes and find study groups.

The site pays tutors up to $20 per hour. It says that students ask for tutoring help by requesting tutoring sessions on a specific class or topic, asking for one-one-one tutoring sessions or by sending in specific questions they have. The site then contacts the tutor about these opportunities through email or the mobile app and allows the tutor to pick which one they want to choose. The minimum age to join the site is 13 years old.

Become a Private Tutor

If you are having trouble getting a job with an online tutoring company, you always have the option to work for yourself. Working for yourself as a private tutor has its pros and cons.

One of the pros is that private tutors who work for themselves tend to make more money because they get to keep all of the profit for themselves instead of sharing it with a tutoring company.

One of the cons is that you have to do all of the work yourself, especially finding new clients, marketing yourself and keeping track of payments. That can be a lot of work and is one of the biggest reasons why tutors often choose to work for a tutoring company instead.

Since you are only 13 years old, it will be hard for you to find older clients who are willing to be tutored by a 13 year old. For that reason, you’ll be limited to clients who are around your age or younger.

This shouldn’t be hard to do since you are surrounded by people your own age all the time. Although you probably don’t hang out with many kids who are younger than you, you probably have younger siblings with young friends or friends with younger siblings who are in need of a tutor.

Here are a few ways you find students to tutor:

Spread the word. Tell everyone you know that you are a tutor and you are available for tutoring sessions and ask them to recommend you to anyone looking for a tutor. This includes your friends, family, teachers and basically anyone else you may come in contact with.

Post a flyer around your school or town. Create a flyer advertising your services as a tutor and post them wherever you can. This includes on bulletin boards at your school, in your public library and etc. Remember to ask for permission before you do this.

Post on Facebook. Write a post on Facebook stating that you are available for tutoring sessions and are looking for students. Explain which subjects you tutor and talk about why you are qualified to tutor these subjects (you get great grades, you are an honor student, etc.)

Post to Instagram. As you probably already know, Instagram is popular with young people and is a great way to get your message across to them. Post an image or videos advertising your services. Some examples of things you can post would be images of your report card or academic awards showing what a great student you are. In the description, explain that you are available for tutoring and add your contact info, such as your email address or personal website, so potential students can find out more.

Post an ad on Craigslist. Craigslist provides free local classified ads about almost everything, including jobs and services. Write an ad that describes the subjects you tutor and lists your qualifications (such as your grades, academic awards and achievements and etc,) Also be sure to add your contact info (such as an email address) so potential students can contact you. Post the ad by clicking on the “Post to Classifieds” link on the upper left sidebar. Then elect “service offered” from the menu and then select “lessons & tutoring” from the next menu.

List your services on free online tutoring directories. The following are two free online tutoring directories you can join Tutor Bungalow and Tutor Profiles.

Once you find students to tutor you can conduct your tutoring sessions online via online chat, Skype, over the phone, via text or etc.

For more information on online jobs for 13 year olds, check out the following article online writing jobs for 13 year olds.

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