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Points2shop is a GPT (Get Paid To) site that was established in 2007. Points2shop members earn points and cash for completing surveys, offers, shopping online and etc.

I decided to give Points2shop a try so I could give it an honest review and help others decide if they should sign up for it.

What most people want to know is: Can You Make Money with Points2shop? Yes! You can make money with Points2shop. Click here to sign up for Points2shop.

So is Points2shop legit? Yes, Points2shop is a legit company and they will pay you for the surveys and offers you complete on the site.

I really like Points2shop a lot and I think it’s a great site. I managed to earn $20 worth of points very easily within only 2-3 weeks. I chose two $10 Amazon gift cards as my reward and received them via UPS within only a couple of days of cashing out:

Points2shop is a little different than other GPT sites like CashCrate because you mostly earn points on the site instead of all cash. There still are plenty of cash earning opportunities on the site though.

Another thing that I like about Points2shop is that as an added bonus, Points2Shop will automatically give you 250 points just for signing up.

One point equals one cent, so the two $10 Amazon gift cards that I received cost me 2000 points plus another 200 points for shipping. Not all the gift cards require shipping fees though, just the lower value ones.

You can also change your preferences on the site to earn cash instead of points. To do so, click on the “Account” tab at the top of the page, then click on “Site Preferences.” Scroll down to the “Earnings” section and select “Cash” instead of “Points” and then hit submit. The only downside is that this cash option will only apply to some surveys. The majority of the surveys, offers and other income earning opportunities will be for points, which can then be cashed in for prizes, retail gift cards and etc.

Another way to earn cash on the site is by doing recurring tasks, signing up referrals and entering contests. If you’re more interested in earning money than gift cards and are dismayed by the limited cash earning opportunities, don’t be. You can still get money for your points by redeeming them for a Global Virtual Visa card, which comes in increments of $5 for 550 points or $50 for 52000 points. It’s not cash money but it’s still money.

I really like that the minimum payout is really low on Points2shop. It doesn’t feel like your money is tied up while you jump through a million hoops. If you get bored of it, you can pretty much get a reward of some kind at anytime and walk away.

To find low cost rewards, hover your cursor over the “Spend Points” button at the top of the page and select the “Low Point Rewards” link. Here you’ll find prizes like earphones, stickers and candy for anywhere between 33 to a few hundred points. There’s also a section for Gamer Gift Cards where you can get gifts cards starting as low as 1000 points and Retail Gift Cards such as Amazon, Best Buy and iTunes gift cards starting as low as 1000. As I mentioned before, there’s also the Global Virtual Visa card starting at 550 points.

Some sections of the site pay more than others, so here’s a helpful tip to make the most money on Points2shop: I made the most money with the cash offers in the Peanutslab section. In fact, 90% of my earnings came from the Peanutslab section:

My Points2shop Completed Offers

Some of my Points2shop completed offers and surveys

The Peanutslab is divided into two sections: surveys on the top half of the page and offers on the bottom half of the page. Almost all of my earnings came from the Peanutslab offers on the bottom half of the page. To find the Peanutslab, hover your cursor over the “Earn Points” tab at the top of the home page, you’ll see it on the drop down menu.

All of these earnings in the Peanutslab isn’t due to a lack of trying with the other surveys and offers. I tried all of the other surveys and offers but I found the Peanutslab surveys ridiculously easy to qualify for and the Peanutslab cash offers incredibly easy to get credit for.

Some other things I like about the site, is that they have a very active forum and a chat sidebar on each page. You can get a lot of advice and learn a lot from the people there.

I love that the site also has sections where you can see how much money you made on each section of the site and can keep track of which surveys or offers you didn’t qualify for. This can be found on the “Offers Clicks History” page, which is basically a list of every survey you have taken and a note next to it describing whether you qualified for it or not.

If you want to see your account balance and figure out where you have earned the most money, click on the “Accounts” tab at the top and then click on “Points & Cash” it will show you a list of all of the offers and surveys you have been credited for.

My one and only complaint about Points2shop is the layout is a bit cluttered and confusing. It’s a bit like a maze at times and it can be frustrating. But, once you do figure it out it’s easy to find your way around the site.

Here I’ll go over the different ways to make money on the site and give you some tips on how to succeed on Points2shop. When you hover your cursor over the “Earn Points” tab at the top of the home page, you’ll see the following sections on the drop down menu:

I don’t know why they call this section “offers” when they are surveys. There are always a lot of surveys here, between 30 and 60, and the pay for each survey ranges from 30 cents to a few dollars. A lot of the surveys pay at least $1 or more which is really good. The only problem is I couldn’t seem to qualify for any of them, which was very frustrating.

This section has surveys as well. The pay rate for each survey is pretty good, between 30 cents to a few dollars and the are a lot of surveys to choose from. I couldn’t seem to qualify for any of these surveys either.

These are surveys as well. Pay rates are the same as the others sections. Some of the surveys involved a lot of flash and froze halfway through. Other surveys request that you download a browser add-on to your computer, which I was not interested in doing. A few of the surveys I tried in this section also happened to disqualify me at the end of the survey after I already answered almost of the questions. It was a little infuriating, to be honest. I didn’t qualify for any surveys in this section.

This section seems to have more specific handpicked surveys based on your profile info, which makes them easier to qualify for. When you click on this page, you’ll see a box on the page that tells you how many surveys are available for you. Click on the box and it will lead you to these handpicked surveys. There’s also a list of related surveys underneath. I didn’t seem to qualify for any of the surveys on this page.

I’m not sure what this section is all about because every time I click on it it tells me there are no surveys for me today.

In this section you can earn points for downloading toolbars and apps. I’m not interested in doing anything like that so I didn’t try it out.

The Peanutslab is my favorite thing about Points2shop. The Peanutslab is where I made 90% of my earnings and the majority of that was with the cash offers on the bottom half of that page.

The Peanutslab surveys, which are on the top half of the page, usually pay between 45 points to 130 points and take between 10-25 minutes. They are pretty easy to qualify for. It’s not clear exactly how many surveys are available because as soon as you clear some of them out, new ones show up. There are always at least 10 surveys on the page at a given time.

There are usually a lot more Peanutslab offers, which are on the bottom half of the page, than surveys. There are about 13 pages of available offers on most days. On the left hand side of the page you can sort the offers by free, download, video, etc. The trick to making quick money with the Peanutslab offers is to ignore all that and go to the right hand side of the page and select “Popular” from the drop down menu. This will show you all the cash offers that are the quickest and easiest to do and have therefore become popular on the site.

The popular offers don’t usually require you to download anything or purchase anything. These offers pay between 2 points to 200 points, depending on the type of offer, and they take five minutes or less. They are usually either quick slideshows/videos or free sample offers and insurance quote offers. They also only require about one step to credit and you don’t have to qualify to do them. These offers tend to credit either instantly or within a few minutes. I got credit for almost every one that I did. They are also a million times quicker than any survey and pay way better.

Points2shop ReviewTRIALPAY:
This section has cash offers. Some of the offers require a credit card and a purchase but a lot of them are free. You can only earn points with these offers. The points range from 50 to 1000 points. I did a few random offers and found them to be really easy.

This section has also has offers but it is usually empty.

This section has a selection of microjobs that you can do for cash. To do the tasks, you’ll have to sign in with Crowdflower on Facebook. There’s usually only a few tasks available at a time and the pay rate ranges from a few cents to about 40 cents per task. The tasks involve rating video clips and images, participating in surveys and etc.

This section is where you can learn how to invite your friends, family and associates to the Points2Shop program so you can earn a referral fee. You can refer people via email, social media or through banners and links on a blog or website.

The referral program pay rates vary depending on what country your referrals are from. If your referral is from the United States or the UK, you can earn 50 cents if they sign up and another 50 cents if they complete an offer. If your referral is from Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden or Singapore, you can earn 1 cent if they sign up and 20 cents if they complete an offer. If your referral is from United Arab Emirates, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Switzerland, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, India, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russian Federation, Vietnam or South Africa, you can earn 1 cent if they sign up and 10 cents if they complete an offer. If your referral is from any other country than the ones previously listed, you can earn 1 cent if they sign up and 1 cent if they complete an offer.

Other sections that can be found when you click on the “Earnings Area” page on the drop down menu:

This section is where you can earn money with cashback deals when you purchase something online and you can also find and print out coupons from this page. At the time I wrote this review, the section says that it’s only available to invite users (I’m not even sure what that is) and will be available to everyone soon.

This section is where you play games to earn points, lottery tickets and merits as well as enter contests to win prizes. I played a few games and won a few lottery tickets but it seems that you have to pay to play the games with the bigger prizes, which I wasn’t interested in doing.

Making money watching videos seems pretty easy but the videos don’t pay well and don’t seem to work half the time so it’s kind of a waste of time.

Final Thoughts on Points2shop:
Like I said earlier, the way I made the most money on Pointshop was by doing Peanutslab offers and surveys. You definitely won’t make a ton of money on Points2shop but you can make enough for some extra spending money each month. When it comes to earning cash money, there are other GPT sites that are better at that. But if you’re interested in earning money so you can buy things on Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy or online with a virtual visa card, Points2shop is perfect for you. It’s the easiest site to earn money for that sort of thing.

FYI, If you have a blog about making money online or anything related to that, earning cash through Points2shop’s referral program is yet another option for you. Their referral program is pretty generous and worth promoting.

Overall, I really like Points2shop a lot and will continue to use it to earn online spending money because it’s so quick and easy to do. Click here to sign up for Points2shop.

Minimum Age to Join Points2shop: 13 years old with parental consent
Minimum Payout: 33 points for prizes, 550 points for gift cards, $10 for cash withdrawal.
Rewards: Prizes, gift cards and cash via Paypal, Payza, Dwolla, Virtual Visa Card or Check.

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