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The job market is a tough place for teenagers. Their lack of experience and schedule restrictions due to school often work against them when applying for jobs. For most teens, if they want a steady job it seems their only choices are fast food or retail.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, teens today have more job opportunities than ever. There are a wide variety of online jobs for teens and students, ranging from completing paid online surveys to content writing to selling products.

When getting started, it’s best to pick the type of job you would enjoy most or one that you think you would be good at. Online jobs do require work and you’ll have more success if you stick with something that suits you. If you’re not sure which job is best for you, feel free to experiment and try out different types of jobs until you find something you’re good at and enjoy.

Here is an overview of the types of online jobs available to teens today:


One of the easiest ways to make money online is by taking paid online surveys. You won’t make a ton of money with surveys, but you can easily make enough for a little extra spending money each week.

These surveys are paid for by online marketing companies seeking opinions and feedback on their products/services. The information you provide them is valuable and helps them develop a better product. Each individual survey is targeted to a specific demographic, so you may not qualify for every survey but you should qualify for a lot of them. Just remember to be careful when signing up for survey sites because there are a lot of scams out there.

Some popular paid survey sites I recommend are:
Cash Crate


Micro jobs are small paid manual tasks. These types of jobs, or “gigs” as they are called, do not pay much but they are quick, easy and require very little skill. Some examples of micro jobs are blog commenting, bookmarking a website, following someone on twitter, liking a Facebook page, clicking links, posting online reviews and etc.

The types of gigs available vary and while most of them are online gigs, some are offline as well, such as taking photos of a storefront or parking lot, going to a store and recording the price of an item, confirming the physical address of a business and etc.

Some popular micro job sites I recommend are:
Amazon Mechanical Turk
Gigwalk (free smart phone app)


Content is still king on the internet and always will be. If you enjoy writing articles, your skills are very much in demand on the internet. There are a ton of websites that will pay you to write articles for them.

The pay rate for each article ranges from a few dollars to even $100 and all depends on your skill level and the type of website you sign up on. The only requirements are that you must be a good writer and have great grammar and spelling skills. Although most writing sites require you to be 18 years old, there are a few online writing jobs for teens under 18 years old.

Some popular article writing sites I recommend are:


Writing ebooks is one of the hottest new ways to make money writing online. You can sell your ebook on a number of websites and you can also set up your own site or blog and sell your book there.

To be successful at writing and selling ebooks, you should pick a popular niche, such as the health or wealth niche, and narrow down your focus to a small point within that niche. This tactic is known as “niching down.” Once you’ve narrowed your focus, try to help readers find solutions to very specific problems about the topic you’ve chosen. Then, write a detailed and concise ebook about 20,000 words long or so and sell it in the 99 cent to $2.99 price range.

One popular site to sell ebooks on is:
Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program


Tutoring and teaching lessons online is another great way for teens to make money online. If you have a certain skill, such as playing guitar or speaking a foreign language, you can easily teach other people how to do these things via a webcam or by recording video tutorials and selling access to the videos. Some people who are learning a new language will also pay you just to chat with them via webcam so they can practice speaking the language with a native speaker.

When beginning a teaching or tutoring business, it sometimes takes time to build up a clientele so you must remember to be patient while you build up your online teaching business. Advertise your services on social media or Craigslist. You can also sign up for sites that hire tutors and teachers.

Some popular sites that hire teachers and tutors:

Start Your Own Blog

Blogging is another great opportunity for teens who like to write. It is also one of the best long-term approaches to making money online. The only downside is that it requires patience while you slowly draw more and more traffic to your site. Creating a successful and profitable blog takes about a year, at the very least, but can often take longer.

After you first set up and establish your blog, you won’t start making any money for at least the first few months, and even then it won’t be a lot. It takes a while before you start making decent money from a blog. The upside is that once you do start getting traffic and making money, it becomes a nice stream of passive income, which means that if you wanted to, you could stop working on the blog all together and still continue to make money from it.

There are a number of ways to make money from blogging, which includes everything from putting Google Adsense ads on your blog, selling ad space directly to advertisers, promoting affiliate products or publishing sponsored posts.

Try not to write about subjects that have been covered countless times already. Even the most well-written blog will be ignored if readers have heard it all before. The trick to getting traffic is to find keywords and topics that get a decent number of searches but don’t have a lot of competition.


Online typing jobs are freelance gigs where you can either transcribe video or audio clips by typing out what is being said in the clip or you can type captions for videos based on what is being said in the video at each moment. It’s a great opportunity for teens because they are already used to typing a lot when doing school work and they are comfortable with technology and various types of media like audio and videos.

Some transcription sites that hire teens are:


Virtual assistants are freelance office professionals who work remotely from home. Companies often hire virtual assistants to perform time-consuming, repetitive tasks like answering phones, responding to emails, transcribing notes or meeting minutes, managing social media accounts, doing research, data entry, etc.

Find virtual assistant work by listing your services on websites such as Zirtual or VirtualAssistantJobs.com or advertise yourself as a virtual assistant on social media or Craigslist.


Another great online job for teenagers involves testing websites, apps and software. A number of companies will pay users to browse websites or apps and test their usability. The owners of the website watches the user via a screen recorder so he or she can see how new visitors navigate their site. That way they can discover if there are any aspects of the site that are confusing or don’t work well.

Videos are typically 15 minutes long and users can earn around $10 per video. The only requirements are that the user has to have a PC or Mac, a screen recorder and must fill out some forms about their personal information, such as gender, age, location, etc.

Some popular sites that hire website testers are:


Teens with an interest in photography may want to give online photography jobs a try. Although these opportunities are limited for teens under 18, they are still a great online job for teens because they are a fun and creative way to make money online.

Teen photographers can either sell their photos online as art prints, stock photography or customizable photos or they can sell their photography services instead either on their own website or on freelance websites.


Music lovers can earn quick cash online by joining sites that pay you to listen to and rate clips of music. You just have to listen to a clip of a song, which is usually by a new, unsigned artist, give it a rating between 1 and 10 and write a short review.

The pay for each review varies but is usually between 5 cents and 18 cents. The feedback you give the artist helps them choose which of their songs to use when submitting their music to record companies.

One of the most well known music-rating websites is SliceThePie.com.


Another way to make some quick cash online is by flipping websites. There are two ways to flip websites:

One way involves buying an already established website, building it up by adding more content and getting more backlinks until it gets even more traffic and then selling it for more than you paid for it.

Another way involves building a small website from scratch by adding content and getting backlinks and then selling it once it starts to attract traffic. Websites often sell for about 7-12 times the monthly revenue, so if your site makes even as little as $10 a month you could sell it for about $70 to $120. If you do this multiple times a year you could earn a nice little side income.


For computer savvy teenagers with an interest in technology, graphic design is another great way to make money online. Website designs and logos are in great demand so if you have the skills, someone is always willing to pay you for your work.

To find work, look through the online classifieds or online job sites. You can also list your services on websites such as SEOclerks or 99 Designs.

To showcase your skills, create a website and give the address out to potential clients. Just remember, since it takes time to build up a clientele, you must be patient. The upside is that once you do start getting clients, you can set your own prices and be your own boss.


If you are the creative type and enjoy making art, you can sell your art online. To get started, simply pick an online marketplace or website to sell your artwork on, which can include your own personal website, and then build up and nurture your fan base through various channels (social media, blogging, podcasting) and drive traffic to that site. The process of becoming a successful artist does take time but once you get started, the momentum will build and it will get easier.

Some popular websites to sell art on are:


Selling goods in an online shop or ecommerce store is another great way to make some extra cash. From Etsy to Ebay, there’s no shortage of websites to sell stuff on.

You can also start your own site and open a store with drop-shipping (drop-ship stores don’t store their own inventory and instead let a third party store and ship it.) There’s many different types of products to sell, such as physical products like jewelry and clothing to digital products like ebooks, image files and etc.

When you run an online shop or store, you are your own boss. All that it requires is that you be self-motivated, organized and business-savvy. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of each website and learn about marketing, refunds and sales techniques but once you do you can make a decent income.

Some popular online marketplaces are:

Some popular drop-shipping companies are:


Another great way to make money online is with Youtube videos. This is similar to blogging, except instead of writing content, you create videos. Popular videos include everything from how-to tutorials to product reviews to unboxing videos.

You can monetize a Youtube channel the same way you would monetize a blog, with Google Adsense or affiliate products. Youtube will also partner up and sponsor individuals with very popular Youtube channels, but you need a lot of traffic and viewers to qualify for a sponsorship.


Another easy way to earn money with very little effort is by installing an add-on onto your browser or downloading a special toolbar that allows you to earn money while you browse the internet.

You won’t make a ton of money, usually between a few cents to up to a dollar for a relevant search, but it is a simple task that you are already doing every day. Some companies even let you earn rewards for online shopping, playing games and watching videos.

Some popular GPT sites (Get Paid To) that pay you to surf the web are:

Also, once you decide exactly what you want to do, to help you succeed in your new online job, check out our article Online Job Tools.

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