User Testing Jobs For Teens & College Students

User testing jobs are another easy way to make some extra money online. These jobs are simple and quick and require no experience and very little technical skill.

User testers are paid to test a specific website, software or app so they can identify any problems such as glitches, confusing layouts, or other issues. During each test, the tester records his/her actions on the site via a screen recorded and his/her spoken words are recorded through a microphone.

The tests typically take between 10-20 minutes and pay about $10 per test. Some usability testing sites require the tester to have a PC or Mac, a screen recorder or webcam and a microphone (either built-in to the computer or plugged in externally) while other sites only ask that the testers have a device with an internet connection.

Many user testing sites require a sample test to make sure the tester knows what the site is looking for, so it’s important to get the sample test right or you won’t be hired.How to find user testing jobs

To be a good tester, the sites are looking for specific things:

What a tester SHOULD NOT DO:
♦ Directly read what the site says. The website owner already knows what is on the site.
♦ Tell the owner everything on the site is “okay.” The owner needs the tester to be more specific.
♦ Show off how quickly the test can be performed. The owner of the site is looking for feedback, not speed.
♦ Complementing or unnecessarily flattering the site (although if the tester sees something he/she is genuinely impressed with, he can say so)
♦ Not performing the required tasks

What a tester SHOULD DO:
♦ Speak loudly and clearly into the microphone
♦ Explain what the tester may find confusing about the site or app
♦ Explain what draws the tester’s attention
♦ Give suggestions about what would help perform the required task
♦ Give useful comments
♦ Perform the required tasks

Most of these sites are very upfront about the fact that there are more testers than there are customers and that testers should only expect to do a few tests per month. If you sign up with multiple sites though, you should be able to get a decent number of tests each month.

FYI, These sites only hire 18 year olds and almost all of them use Paypal for payments, so if you’re under 18 or don’t have a Paypal or Payoneer account they won’t be of any use to you.

Here’s a list of sites looking for usability testers:

Usertesting pays testers to test out websites or mobile apps. A screen recorder captures video of the tester navigating the website so the owner can get a firsthand look at how new visitors interact with the site. Testers then answer four questions in writing about their experience on the site. This can help the owner identify any problems or glitches on the site. The videos are usually about 15 minutes long and the testers are paid about $10 to test a website and $15 to test a mobile app. Payments are available 7 days after the job is completed. To apply for a user testing job, testers need a microphone and they must download the site’s screen recorder software onto their computer and complete a short sample test.
Minimum Age to Join: 18 years old
Payment Type: Paypal

Analysia testers are paid to test websites. Testers are asked to read some instructions and then complete a specified task on a website. The session is recorded and the screen and audio recording is saved. Each session typically takes about 15 minutes and the tester is paid $10 for the test. Testers are contacted via email when a new test becomes available.
Minimum Age to Join: 18 years old
Payment Type: Paypal

Userfeel testers are paid to test websites. Testers are asked to perform required tasks on the site and give verbal feedback, tips and suggestions about the site. Testers screens and audio are recorded during the test. Tests typically last about 15 minutes and the tester is paid $10 for each test. The tester is rated by the customer after each test. Userfeel states that good testers can earn anywhere between $100-$200 each month. To become a tester, register on the site and take a sample test. After the sample test is reviewed and approved, the tester will be notified when a new test becomes available. If the tester does not start the test after receiving the notification, another tester will be assigned to the test. Not taking a test doesn’t negatively affect the tester’s rating.
Minimum Age to Join: 18 years old
Payment Type: Paypal

Userlytics pays testers to test websites, protoypes, online videos, advertisements and mobile apps. Testers must follow test instructions provided by the client. Testers are asked to speak their thoughts aloud during the entire test. Some tests require a webcam, while others do not. During the test, testes are asked for their opinions on a site’s navigation, ease of use, the design of a site, memorable aspects of a site and whether he or she would recommend it to a friend. Tests typically take 10 to 20 minutes and testers earn $10 per test and sometimes more, depending on the nature of the test. Testers are required to have a MAC with OSX 10.6 or higher or a PC with Windows XP or higher, a webcam, a microphone, high speed internet access, a standard internet browser, Adobe flash player and Java 1.6 or later. Testers are asked to be ready to test within 2-3 hours after receiving the notification. Testers are rated by the client after each test. Once the client has approved the test and gives it a positive rating, the test is marked as “approved.” Payments are made very two weeks on Friday.
Minimum Age to Join: you must be of legal age to form binding contracts in your country or state of residence.
Payment Type: Paypal

WhatUsersDo is a U.K. based company that pays testers to test websites and mobile apps. Testers must apply on the site to become a tester. The application process takes about five minutes and includes an audition test. Testers need a broadband connection, a computer (PC or Mac) with a recent browser installed and 1GB Ram and a microphone. The amount testers are paid depends on each individual test. Testers will receive an email when a new test becomes available. The tester will be given instructions on what the test involves and their microphone will be checked to make sure it is working. During the test, the tester’s spoken words and screen activity are recorded and saved. Most tests take between 15-25 minutes. The pay is £15 for a mobile test and £10 for a desktop test. The maximum number of desktop tests a tester can do each month is 3. Once finished, the tester then uploads the test. Payments are made on the 25th of each month.
Minimum Age to Join: 18 years old.
Payment Type: Paypal

Youeye pays testers to test websites and mobile apps. During the test, testers record their spoken words via a microphone and record a video of their screen with a screen recorder and a video of themselves with a webcam. Testers must apply on the site to become a tester and take a 10 minute study to see if he or she qualifies. The tests typically take about 20 minutes and pay $12 for each test. Testers must have an iphone or android with a front-facing camera or a Mac or PC computer with windows 7 or higher or OS X 10.7, a webcam and a microphone. Testers will be notified via email when a new test becomes available.
Minimum Age to Join: 18 years old
Payment Type: Paypal
Enroll is a website where testers can get paid for doing everything from choosing logos for a company, to clarifying content to testing websites. Enroll testers can perform tests on their computers, smartphones and tablets. To preview the types of tests the site offers, a sample test can be taken on the site’s homepage.
Minimum Age to Join: 18 years old
Payment Type: Paypal

TryMyUi pays testers to test websites. Testers are given a set of tasks they must perform on a website. The tester’s audio and screen are recorded during the test. Testers also write a summary of their experience based on questions they are asked. Tests take about 15 to 20 minutes to perform and testers are paid $10 per test. Payments are made after the test is accepted. Testers must apply and pass a qualification test before becoming testers. The qualification test is simply a sample test that demonstrates you understand the task and can fulfill the requirements for being a tester. The test involves creating a sample recording and writing a usability summary about your experience. The test is then evaluated and, if approved, the tester will be allowed to perform tests for pay. Typically, testers can expect to do at least a couple of tests a week. Testers are scored and the scores are based on the qualification score and how many times the tester has missed out on a test (by responding to the notification but failing to take the test.) The higher the score, the earlier the tester will be notified when a new test comes in.
Minimum Age to Join: 18 years old
Payment Type: Paypal

Utest is a site that pays testers to test websites, software and apps. After registering on the site, testers fill out their profile and will receive an email notification when a new test becomes available for them. Each test includes instructions so the tester knows what is required from him/her. Pay rates vary per test. Each test lists the pay rate in the project details. Some tests also pay extra for each bug or glitch found. Payments are made on the 15th and the last calendar day of every month.
Minimum Age to Join: 18 years old
Payment Type: Paypal or Payoneer

Testbirds is a German based company where testers are paid to test software, apps, video games, electrical appliances and etc. During the tests they are asked to find bugs and offer tips and suggestions to improve the usability of the software they test. Tests can be performed on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Pay rates depend on the complexity of the task. For a typical usability test, testers earn about €20. Testers also earn additional payments for every bug they detect. When a test becomes available, there will be a set deadline and the tester can choose whether or not to perform the test. The only equipment needed to be a tester is a device that connects to the internet. To become a tester, simply register online. After registration the tester can review the test projects available to him/her based on the tester’s qualifications and the requirements of the customer. Once the test has been accepted and completed correctly and on time, the customer will approve the test and the tester’s account will be credited the amount specified for the project.
Minimum Age to Join: 18 years old
Payment Type: n/a

Erli Bird
Erli Bird is a site where testers are paid to beta test websites and new Android and IOS apps. Erli Bird pays about $10 per beta test. To become a tester, simply register on the site. The tester will then have access to a list of open focus groups (beta tests) available to the tester based on his/her personal information (such as your age, location and etc.)
Minimum Age to Join: 18 years old
Payment Type: Paypal

Also, if you’re interested in testing out new software, there is a company that hires testers to test video games at home. Check out this article for more info: Be an At Home Video Game Tester for VMC.

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